Friday, May 18, 2012

Terrace talent

Had a good look at a new guesthouse tonight, The Terrace on 95, and it was perfect timing as they were holding their first youth music jam-night, where some very talented youngsters had the confidence to sing and play music to their peers, including one eight year old who has a fantastic voice. It's the idea of the team behind TTO95 looking to give these youngsters a place to meet and have fun in a safe environment. It worked for me. They also have a fortnightly jam session for adults, though it's not exclusive. Euan Gray is the man in charge of the music. The delicious wraps from their night-time menu were a big hit for me too. The eight rooms at TTO95 are inexpensive, neat and tidy, a good size with big beds and private en suites, nice touches and with wi-fi throughout. It's located on streets 95 and 348, and sits next to The Flicks cinema. Find out more here.



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