Monday, May 21, 2012

Spotlight on Cristiano

Cristiano and myself at our first meeting in 2006, I'm wearing the krama
I was pleased to see an in-depth article in The Cambodia Daily today by journo Michelle Vachon, all about Cristiano Calcagno's painstaking research over many years that has been rewarded with the publication of his book, Kampong Thom and its Province. Cristiano was a man on a mission when I met him a few years ago and we did one trip together, when we spent a few days getting to Phnom Chi in the far eastern corner of the province and back. So I know exactly the lengths that Cristiano went through to make his research as thorough as possible. As I've said on previous occasions, Cambodia would be well served by having a Cristiano in every province, keen enough to spend the countless hours required to register and identify all the archaeological sites inside a province's boundaries. He did a fantastic job with Kompong Thom and his book is testament to that.

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