Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Prey Lang Forest - by Matthieu Young
A documentary film, Rubbernaut, is currently being completed by Fran Lambrick and Vanessa De Smet and is focused on the lives of families living in Cambodia's Prey Lang forest and how rubber plantations are impacting on their lives and their future. Prey Lang has been the focus of protests and conflicts over communal land rights in recent times and one of the key people involved was Chut Wutty, a dedicated environmental activist, who was recently killed whilst out with two reporters from the Cambodia Daily looking for evidence of illegal logging. One of the journalists, a Canadian, has now left the country. Rubbernaut follows two families on either side of the deforestation frontier. We get to know the stories of two ordinary families who are struggling to make ends meet: one working in the rubber plantations, the other in the native forest.  As these two contrasting lifestyles are revealed we get to understand the passion driving local people to maintain their independence and their way of life. The Prey Lang community joins forces at the site of a new concession where resin trees that local people depend on are being cut down, to make way for the expansion of rubber plantations. Hundreds of villagers walked through the forest for days. The community is not prepared to allow the deforestation to go unchallenged. Find out more about the film's progress here and about the Prey Lang Forest Network here. If you'd like to support the documentary filmmakers, find out more here.

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