Monday, May 14, 2012

On arrival

Singapore is hot and has more trees than I can shake a stick at. They went tree-planting crazy a few years ago and the drive from the airport is all green. Our hotel, the Santa Grand, is on the East Coast road and is housed in a renovated heritage building. Actually the lobby and restaurant are in the renovation, the rooms are in an annexe. And small. And they cost more than $200 a night. Phew...thank goodness the Singapore Football Federation are paying. But we do have a rooftop swimming pool. We are being well looked after, lunch was ready on arrival at the hotel. After training, another buffet was served up. I think they're trying to fill us up so we'll be extra slow on the pitch on Wednesday. I think it might just work. The players aren't used to this amount of food on their plates. We will have to ration them from now on. Two of the team had never flown before. We even had to get them passports to allow them to come. They are loving being in another country. They can't stop smiling. An early night tonight...watching Game of Thrones on HBO. Great series. And I used to hate fantasy stories when I was young. Tomorrow I have to attend the team manager's briefing and then we have training in the evening on the pitch where we will play on Wednesday. Well, the players will train. I will merely attend in my official capacity. The team's only supporter.

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