Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More from the PC

Press Conference for AFC President's Cup. I'm in white shirt front row.

Couple of things. I've just found some more pictures from the press conference we held the other day at the Phnom Penh Hotel for the forthcoming footy competition. They were hidden away on the sponsors facebook page, but now they are here. Nothing very exciting but it gives you a taster for this press conference mullarkey. I have another PC on Friday morning as well, involving all four teams in the competition.

2nd item. The Cambodia Comedy Club has announced its next line-up for Monday 14 May at Pontoon. We are looking at two performers, a Yank and a Canadian in the shape of mirth-masters (we hope), Gary Eck (USA), or Eck As Like as he shall be named forthwith, and Toronto-native Christophe Davidson, who might just have a bit of French in him. I didn't see the last session as I was away but local expat Evan Handed, who did a spot, will be the MC this time around. He'll be owning the club next. Not sure why its two and not three performers this time around, but I'll give it a whirl.
Members of the Phnom Penh Crown contingent at the press conference
I am writing notes, honestly. I am not asleep.

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