Saturday, May 5, 2012

Formation dancing

Rumnea leads the dance formation team through their paces
The Cambodian Space Project flew into Mao's nightclub last night for a farewell gig before they head for Hong Kong and then onto Europe and the States. I forget exactly where as they gig almost continuously in one location or another. They are real troopers. An advanced masterclass in Cambodian dancing took off for their second song, as the Khmer ladies in the audience, plus Nancy, spontaneously formed a dance formation team. It was great to see girls. I know the band appreciated it. Great songs, great fun. Before I went out I caught yesterday's football press conference on at least three television channels and I've come to the simple conclusion that I am not telegenic at all. Even I find my voice extremely boring, so goodness knows what anyone else thinks. You can see the YouTube video of part of the press conference here.
The Cambodian Space Project begin their set

Hang Meas TV did a 3-minute piece on the press conference - a slow news day?

I must be trying to get my point across - not exactly telegenic

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