Sunday, May 13, 2012

City state cometh

On my travels again tomorrow. An early start and flight at 9.30am to Singapore, which means a 5.30am wake-up so I can get myself ready and get to the meeting point for 7am. I never pack until the morning I leave. I'm off to Singapore as part of the Phnom Penh Crown team, six officials and 18 players, as the club are taking part in the RHB Singapore Cup, for something like the sixth year running. The Singapore FA invite foreign teams to join this competition as a way of bringing fresh faces in front of their football fans and it gives teams like ours great experience against traditionally-stronger countries like Singapore. It just so happens we've been drawn in a one-off game against their current champions, Tampines Rovers, so it doesn't come much harder, but as I said, a great experience nonetheless. I'm packing my cash as everyone knows, Singapore ain't cheap. I've just watched the end of the Barclays Premier football season which was on at a sensible time here in Asia. An amazing conclusion to a thoroughly entertaining season of footy. Long may it continue. I won't get too excited though until my team since I was a mere wisp of a lad, Leeds, are back in their rightful place amongst the elite. How long is a piece of string?

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