Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back to my roots

Black Roots - gigging again
It's nostalgia time again. Not only have Incantation released a new album, but there's great news coming from Bristol that one of Britain's best-ever homegrown reggae bands, Black Roots, will be releasing an album of brand new songs on 10 September, called On The Ground. A fabulous live and studio band from the 1980s and early 1990s, the boys from Bristol have teamed up and are gigging regularly again. It was only last week that Sugar Shack Records released a 25th anniversary deluxe version of their 1985 All Day All Night album on CD. As well the original dozen vocal tracks, they added several dub versions and an extended 12-inch mix of Pin in the Ocean. Now back to that new album earmarked for September. The band have just finished recording and mixing the album and the result will be a 17-track release in four months time. The 17-tracks are: 1. I Believe. 2. Pompous Way. 3. Long Long Ago. 4. Militancy. 5. Earth Land. 6. I Am flying. 7. Slavery. 8. Oh Mama Africa. 9. Hide out.10. On The Ground. 11. Call Me Out. 12. No Fee. 13. Struggle. 14. Landscape. 15. Without Direction. 16. Capitalism. 17. Come and Sing. This is wonderful news for all British reggae fans. You can read about my passion for Black Roots here.

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