Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Walter's in town

Here I am blowing magic dust onto my book to make it more readable at the book launch
Travel writer and speaker, Walter Mason is apparently in-country completing his latest book. About Cambodia. His first book, Destination Saigon, a funny, touching and unique journey through contemporary Vietnam was named one of the 10 best travel books of 2010 by the Sydney Morning Herald. He's really a gamekeeper turned poacher, having been a bookseller in a previous existence. If I find out more about his Cambodia book, I'll let you know. It's likely be out early next year. So why mention Walter? Well, in his blog in November he listed his 5 best books about Cambodia and included in the list was my very own To Cambodia With Love. His view: "Just came out this year, it's quite a lovely little book. Collections of observations and stories about different places/experiences in Cambodia written by different people. Well worth reading." Can't agree more Walter, though I would say that of course. The other books in his list were: Cambodia's Curse by Joel Brinkley; The Gate by Francois Bizot; Phnom Penh: A Cultural History by Milton Osborne; Cambodian Buddhism by Ian Harris. You can catch up with Walter's blog here.

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