Sunday, April 29, 2012

Now on video

Phnom Penh Crown finally have someone to hold the video camera during games and then edit the highlights for our footy matches. Aman is from India and he got in touch to offer his services a couple of weeks ago. He's in Cambodia as the country manager of an NGO and obviously loves football. He spent seven hours editing the first highlights video of our match against BBU, so he must love football. He made a good fist of the match against BBU and we are now planning on having video highlights on the club's official website from now on. Well, for as long as Aman has the time to video and then edit his handiwork. We've been looking for a videographer for the past year. They are like gold-dust. You can watch the BBU highlights at

Sunday morning and I was up and out by 6.30am on my way to hook up with the bus taking the Cambodian U-14 national team out to Kambol for a practice match against Preah Khan Reach. Playing against the physically-bigger under-16s from the club team was a tough ask for the younger boys but that was the object of the exercise, though both teams found it hard going under the exhausting hot sun. Getting on the bus - it's the bus provided by the Football Federation of Cambodia for use by all the national teams - I was aghast at the swarms of mosquitoes that engulfed everyone inside the bus. I have literally never seen so many mozzies in one place. If that wasn't bad enough, the cranky old bus then conked out about a kilometre up the road and I was forced to return the fifteen kilometres to home by motodop, rather than wait an hour for a second bus. Moral of the story - don't trust the Football Federation to do anything right. No change there then.

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