Saturday, April 7, 2012

Naby on top form

One of the few times that the energetic Naby stood still for the whole show
The Senegalese reggae sound of Naby was welcomed with open arms by a good-sized crowd at Chenla Theatre tonight. With a traditional reggae style, drums and bass to the fore, and with a saxophonist that was a master at his art, Naby and his band put on an excellent show and really got the evening off to a great start by inviting the children from Krousar Thmey onto the stage in their fourth song, for an impromptu choir session, that got everyone into the spirit and out of their chairs. Reggae music is to be enjoyed and the move worked a treat, with many of the audience showing their dancing steps in the space in front of the stage. From that point on, Naby could do no wrong. Naby is part entertainer, part singer and his involvement with the audience was a big positive for the arrival of reggae in Cambodia. He made it fun and it worked. A downside for me was that his interaction and his songs were in the French language. I've not heard reggae in French before, a language I don't speak and so joining in the vocals was a no-no, or should that be non-non. However, the concert was to celebrate the Institut Francais 20th anniversary so that speaks for itself. Naby was due to join the band Dub Addiction at Equinox later tonight but I didn't make it after I suffered an adverse reaction to my meal after the gig and instead went home to recover.
The children of Krousar Thmey join Naby on stage for an impromptu sing-a-long

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