Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Looking ahead this week

It's a musical end to this week with the Cambodian Space Project back in town after a lifetime away and they'll be re-appearing at Mao's nightclub this coming Friday (6 April), free for all and bashing out all their old favourites and no doubt a few new numbers as well. The following day, Saturday (7 April) has the French Cultural Center staging a reggae concert to mark their anniversary, with the Senegalese artist Naby and his band, rocking the stage at Chenla Theatre from 7pm. Tickets are also free and available from the cultural center. I will be intrigued to see how this gig is received by the Cambodians in attendance as reggae is accepted everywhere else for its relaxed, laid-back and appealing style - I wonder whether the Khmers will find it likewise. I hope so as I'd love to see high profile reggae bands heading out this way in the future. Had a chat today with the organizers of a major music festival that may possibly be heading to the Angkor temples in the early part of next year. It sounds like it'll be a massive event if it comes off and certainly one to look forward to.
The Intercontinental Hotel in Phnom Penh has a new exhibition of photographs from Thursday this week called Impact Clearing Cambodia's Deadly Legacy, as a follow-on from the Clear Landmines Now awareness week that ran from 28 March until tomorrow. The photos will feature Sean Sutton's work who has been on countless visits to Cambodia documenting the incredible work of MAG (Mines Advisory Group) in pictures. Also as part of their 20 year anniversary, the Institut Francais are holding a fashion show on Thursday (5 April) at their Street 184 headquarters, where they will also host an exhibition by French-Cambodian graphic novelist and sculptor Sera and Paris-based graffiti artist Seth. If reggae isn't your thing, then get along to the free classical dance performance at the Khmer Arts Ensemble HQ in Takhmao at 7pm on Saturday (7 April).

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