Friday, April 27, 2012

Kratie shit-tip

The Kratie riverfront becomes a rubbish dumping ground

On the way to Ratanakiri we did as most people do, we paused in Kratie for a spot of lunch. Kratie has always been a welcome break, situated on the banks of the Mekong River and host to some of the most beautiful sunsets in the whole of Cambodia. I have a long-standing affection for Kratie. On this trip I saw a very different side to the town. The riverside area was a shit-tip and stank to high heaven under the mid-day sun. The locals blame the fire that destroyed the main market a block away from the riverside. That meant the only place for the stall-holders to ply their wares was alongside the river. On my previous visit, the stalls were hugging both sides of the river road and it looked a mess. But this time around, many of the stalls had moved back into the new market building and simply left all their crap and rubbish littering the riverfront area and adjoining sidestreets. Leaving your rubbish for someone else to clear up is common practice in this country. In Kratie, the only ones interested in the refuse are the animals. If no-one takes responsibility for their crap, this will put many people off staying any longer than a few hours or a day at most in what was a very pleasant location. Sad to say.

Only the animals seem interested in the rubbish - the locals don't

A sidestreet next to the pagoda gets the rubbish treatment too

The colonial-era buildings have been spruced up but the riverside has not 

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