Thursday, April 12, 2012

I have my doubts

Back to the doctors again today for another look at my coughing problem and the prognosis is pharyngitis with the added complication of occasional blockage of the airway. So what started off as a chesty cough has now been narrowed down to a sore throat. I have my doubts. Anyways, after I refused an injection in my arse - I've had one before and boy was it painful - I've been given 18 tablets a day to swallow, so we'll see how that works over the Khmer New Year. I was intending to stay home and work on my writing anyway, so it's no big deal, especially as much of Phnom Penh has closed down for this holiday weekend anyway. To add to my frustration, I was the happy recipient of a brand new laptop from my office yesterday - I've had to put up with my old cranky one for nearly five years - so the arrival of a new one, still in the wrapping was a joyous occasion. But not for long. Got it home and the internet connection (broadband) didn't work, despite spending half an hour talking through it with the internet provider's technician. I went to bed in a strop. I'll try again tomorrow. Grrr!



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