Monday, April 2, 2012

Exposing the vermin

At last, The Cambodia Daily wrote a piece in their paper today about the vermin that sell drugs, openly, outside the Foreign Correspondents Club on the riverside every day. The local police said they weren't aware of it, even though everyone and their dog knew about it for a very long time. I've been offered all kinds of drugs as well as women by the sly, sneaky, scruffy and obnoxious low life who hang around that corner, and I always reply with a string of expletives that leave them in no doubt that they have approached the wrong customer. But that doesn't deter them as they spot the next foreigner and make a beeline for him or her. Like their 'brothers' at the border-crossings, these people are the worst possible advertisement for Cambodia, yet they are the ones who stick in the memory for their abhorrent behaviour. The police are busy clearing the streets of undesirables ahead of the Asean Summit, yet these are exactly the people they should be targetting.
The last few days have seen a big dent in my private life. I'm talking about the disappearance of ESPN and Star Sports from the television channels at my disposal. These two channels beamed football into my home almost 24/7, which was of course an overdose but good whenever I needed my football fix, but all that's come crashing down around my head, and the head of many others. These channels carried most of the Barclays Premier League matches, either live or recorded, so everyone in Cambodia is up to speed on the latest BPL news and form of the teams. Or, they were. Now, with the news that the host channel here in Cambodia has lost the rights to beam them into our homes, there are a lot of disgruntled football fans in the country right now. Including me.



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