Friday, April 20, 2012

Coming up

The Cambodian Space Project have a new album out soon enough, their second, to be called Not Easy RockNRoll and they'll be previewing it in their last show before they head overseas again, this time on their way to Hong Kong and Macau. The venue will be Mao's Nightclub on the riverside in Phnom Penh on Friday 4 May at 9pm. Entry costs a token $2.

Next Thursday (26 April) at 6pm at Monument Books on Norodom Boulevard, Cristiano Calcagno will be unveiling a labour of love that took him years to complete. It initially began as a search for the ancient temples dotted around the Cambodian province in which he had made his home, before it took on a new life as a look both at the provinces' ancient history but much more besides. His diligent research identified well over 400 ancient sites in the province of Kompong Thom alone and Cambodia deserves a Cristiano in every province to properly document the rich treasures that lie within its boundaries. Kompong Thom province has been blessed by his research. Cristiano's book is titled Kampong Thom and Its Province. Unfortunately, I'm likely to be in Ratanakiri and may have to miss the book launch, but I urge you to attend to support this worthwhile personal project.

My adventure in Ratanakiri will also mean missing the next edition of the Cambodia Comedy Club this coming Monday (23 April) at Pontoon. Tickets are a bit cheaper than usual at $8 and the comedians will come from the UK, Canada and Malaysia. Doors open at 7pm.

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