Saturday, April 7, 2012

Back in town

It's all fun on stage for Srey Thy and Julien of Cambodian Space Project
Late last night, the Cambodian Space Project came back to town. After four months of gigging and travelling down under and other places on the international map, Julien and Srey Thy brought their danceable Cambodian sound back home, playing their first gig at Mao's nightclub since their recent arrival on these shores. Srey Thy has grown in confidence with her performances overseas, and with the band reunited with their homegrown team on stage, the performance was invigorating and great fun. The concert was the first in a trio of performances I've earmarked for this weekend. The other two are tonight, when Senegalese reggae artist Naby and his band perform at Chenla from 7pm - it's free and an anniversary concert for the Frenchies - and then later, I hear Naby will be joining Dub Addiction on stage at Equinox. Dub Addiction are one of the city's favourite bands these days, with the make-up of the band being western and Khmer, with dub reggae, ragga and jungle infused into their sound (whatever ragga and jungle might be - two styles of music that have passed me by). Though I'm a traditionalist when it comes to my reggae, Dub Addiction do a good job in getting my feet moving, so that's a thumbs up from me.
Cambodian Space Project in psychedelic mode under the club's red lights (which my camera cannot cope with)

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