Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sophea and her Bassac chums

Sophea practicing her facial acting talents in a comedy sketch tonight
Despite my dry chesty cough disrupting those around me, I managed to sit through the Children of Bassac show tonight, even though the humidity was sweltering and it wasn't just the performers who got a sweat on. As I've said before, the show was excellent and was lapped up by the large audience. It was the last one in the current run as they now take a break for the low season, though they intend to come back, more regularly than their present once a week, in October. They've performed 18 times in this run attracting a total audience of over 1,000 people. They'd obviously like to do considerably better, hence the need to perform more often. The Bassac group are under the Cambodian Living Arts umbrella and are aged between 17 and 23. They put their heart and soul into their hour-long performance, dancing a variety of classical and folk dances to the accompaniment of a small orchestra and singers (who are also dancers). The peacock dance is my favourite though the comedy sketch towards the end was a big winner with tonight's audience. Sophea Chamroeun was to the fore, one of the most recognisable young performers in the country these days with a busy schedule that includes winning talent shows on tv, singing on videos with the band Krom, dancing at Chayyam restaurant and more besides. A busy lady indeed. Sophea and her fellow Bassac-ers are doing a great job in bringing Khmer culture to a wider audience and long may it continue.
If you see eyebrows and a moustache like this, you know its a comedy routine, on the guy that is..
Sophea and her chayyam drum-carrying co-performer
The evening began with a classical dance performance
A selection of the performers take a bow at the end of the night

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