Friday, March 23, 2012

Reggae cometh

Reggae is on its way to Phnom Penh in the shape of Senegalese vocalist Naby, who will be playing at Chenla Theatre on Saturday 7 April (7pm), courtesy of the Institut Francais. He's over this way for gigs in Phnom Penh and then onto Hue and Hanoi in Vietnam and will be the biggest reggae act in Cambodia since the year dot. Wouldn't it be fantastic if he paves the way for some of the leading lights of reggae to try their arm over here. I've been trying to persuade Steel Pulse to pop over for a gig or two, but as the world's leading reggae act, they're a mite busy. But you never know. Naby brings with him a reputation for being a livewire on stage and released his first solo album in 2008. He's toured in Africa, France and Canada and now he's heading to Southeast Asia to bring his dynamic reggae-infused African sounds to Phnom Penh. He brings with him a backing band of guitar, bass, drums, sax and keyboards. The night before, Friday 6 April, the Cambodian Space Project will be performing at Mao's.

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