Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Fancy a look at Phnom Penh and Cambodia as it used to be? Then take a peek here and see for yourself at the Southeast Asia Digital Library.

Disaster struck this afternoon. Nothing life-threatening but my football team (Phnom Penh Crown) lost their first league match of the season. So in my own little world, that's a disaster. We went through the whole league programme last year, losing just once. So to go down to your arch rivals on the first day is a wake-up call. Okay, so we've changed virtually the whole team and we had eight players making their league debuts today. But still, we are the champions, so you'd expect better than a 3-0 defeat on day 1. We have a flood of games coming up so we can put it right quickly, as long as we're as good as I think we are. On paper we should be pretty good but winning games isn't done by drawing pretty pictures with a pencil, its down to blood, sweat and tears on the pitch. Today, there were enough tears off the pitch. I don't need that again. If we want to retain our championship this season, we cannot afford another day like today. End of.

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