Monday, March 19, 2012

Missing - my funny bone

Tommy Dean, American comic now residing in Australia
Disappointed, is my considered view after tonight's Comedy Club Cambodia session at Pontoon. The previous three episodes obviously raised my expectations to an unmatchable level and it all came crashing down around my ears tonight. The three acts weren't simply up to the same standard as I've come to expect. It's not their fault as such, it's my own, for expecting that the acts were going to be as good as the previous months. I know from experience, and the regular comedy performers that flocked to Cheltenham Town Hall in the 1990s, that shows vary from week to week and month to month. The three performers tonight weren't bad per se, but they didn't tickle my funny g-spot in the way previous acts have. Tommy Dean was the most appealing though his delivery was a mite slow, in fact the whole evening remained in low gear throughout. Ron Josol simply didn't make me laugh at all and jokes about drugs have never found favour with me. Often I think I'm the only person in the audience who has never dabbled with drugs at all. The final performer was Earl Okin from the UK, who I saw years ago, and who effectively repeated the same old-school act tonight. More low-key vaudeville than stand-up, his innuendo seemed to find favour with the audience, except myself and Rumnea, who declared him as "not funny" which summed him up perfectly for me too. I found myself yawning throughout the show, so that should've told me something. I expected better. I prefer my comedy to be more edgy rather than laid-back horizontal, so note to self; 'don't expect too much next time.'
Earl Okin has been in the business for decades, and it showed



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