Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Art abroad

Amrita Performing Arts are taking two of their original shows abroad, with the contemporary dance Crack taking place in four venues in Belgium this month, and the play, Breaking The Silence, touring Rwanda with five appearances in three cities next month. Ground-breaking stuff indeed. Crack was put together by German choreographer Arco Renz for the Singapore Arts Festival last year and is a 'coming of age' depiction by the country's best contemporary star Belle and others. Breaking The Silence has already shown in Phnom Penh and around the provinces at home but is now on its way to Rwanda, a country that has suffered like Cambodia, and this creative exchange is a fabulous development between the two countries.

Christopher Hudson, who wrote the best-selling novel The Killing Fields in the early 1980s has finally been to visit the country here. He makes no bones about the fact that he wrote the novel in his London flat having never set foot in Cambodia. Find out more about the incredible story of Dith Pran and Sydney Schanberg here.

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