Sunday, February 19, 2012

Temple hopping

The Hanuman team were stunned by the linga temple at Koh Ker
Just back from a day spent at the temples of Beng Mealea and the Koh Ker complex with a bunch of colleagues from Hanuman. Most of them hadn't been before, so it was an educational trip for them. Whilst they took the wooden walkways around Beng Mealea, I nipped off to start clambering around like a monkey, just to make my visit a bit more interesting and avoiding the bottlenecks caused by the hordes of Korean and Japanese tourists over-running the place. Then we took off to Koh Ker, arriving in time to sit down for a local lunch before beginning our temple tour at Prasat Thom's amazing pyramid temple. The Khmers were blown away that their forefathers could've built such a remarkable structure. They were just gutted they couldn't climb to the top. Next we called in at one of the giant linga temples, followed by Banteay Pir Choan, the well-hidden rock carvings at Trapeang Ang Khnar and finally Prasat Pram. We got back to Siem Reap in less than two hours and now its off to a complimentary dinner at Tangram Garden restaurant, near Wat Damnak. Bye for now.
Time for a team photo at the foot of the Prasat Thom pyramid
The Hanuman team leave the Prasat Thom pyramid at Koh Ker, proud of their heritage
Its one of the libraries at Beng Mealea, so it must be another Hanuman team photo

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