Monday, February 13, 2012

Jaw-aching comedy

"Did I really just say that?"
I wondered if Rumnea's Khmer upbringing would find stand-up comedy to her liking as the Comedy Club Cambodia underwent its third incarnation at Pontoon this evening. I didn't need to worry. By the end of compere Jonathan Atherton's opening set she was already complaining of jaw-ache from laughing too much. My concern over whether the speed of delivery or nuances would leave her flummoxed were completely unfounded. She absolutely loved it, apart from the aching jaw. And that was just the opening act of three. Atherton's use of languages adds much to his act though Rumnea nitpicked that his Chinese wasn't up to scratch - who am I to argue! Next up, in front of another nearly full house, was laid-back, laconic Aussie comic Greg Sullivan who was good value with his self-deprecating humour. The final act of the night, Zoe Lyons from England, went down a storm. Especially with Rumnea. She thought Lyons' observational commentary was the funniest of the night, she kept digging me in the ribs and saying "that's you" and was whispering for the comedienne to stop so she could recover her composure. Lyons quick-fire delivery was certainly a winner for Rumnea, me and the rest of the audience. My initial fears were forgotten as Rumnea declared herself smitten by the whole show and loved every minute of it.
British comedienne Zoe Lyons was a big hit
Big Aussie stand-up Greg Sullivan
Regular compere Jonathan Atherton began the hilarity

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