Thursday, February 16, 2012

Glitter and glitz

This is Meas Soksophea on the big screen - not a particularly flattering picture
It was all glitter and glitz at Koh Pich tonight as the Anachak Dara Sabay-sponsored awards gave prizes to the great and good of the Khmer music, film and television world. The stars arrived in chauffeur-driven cars, waltzed down the red carpet and in front of the camera flashlights. I skulked in the side door with the rest of the commoners and headed upstairs. Then it was into the auditorium for the evening's back-slapping and air-kissing as my favourite singer Meas Soksophea sang a duet with Sokun Nisa, both of whom picked up awards later in the evening. Everyone knew who was getting an award beforehand, but I think that's par for the course here as it is elsewhere. It was pretty much as I expected, a night for either your best bib and tucker/gown or waving a placard with your fave stars' name on it, so most likely it'll be my first and last awards ceremony - you get a better view on tv was Rumnea's view. There were awards for best smile, most pretty, top superstar, most sentimental, most famous and so on. One award that I thought was meaningful (though the title translates as Best Sad Actress) went to the main star and writer of the poignant film, Lost Loves, based on her family experiences under the Khmer Rouge, Kauv Sotheary. A far less deserving award went to the best shemale/katoey of the year. Mind-boggling.
This was the stage early doors as the founder of Sabay said a few words
This is the auditorium, I'm in there somewhere, with what looks like a spaceship hovering above (pic: Sabay)

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