Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Doing it her way

Meeting singer-songwriter Bochan for the 1st time
I enjoyed a fascinating conversation over a coffee this afternoon with Cambodian-American singer-songwriter Bochan. She's in town, initially for her brother's wedding but is also scouting around, checking out the music scene, meeting people, networking and getting a handle on how and where she can make a difference. She took time out from her vacation to appear on stage for two songs at Friday's Tiger Translate music event at the Railway Station though was critical of the sound, and she should know what she's talking about, the engineer and mixer for her debut CD, Matt Shane, has just won an Oscar at the Academy Awards to go with his Grammy. Bochan released her album, Full Monday Moon, in December and has been delighted with the response to the 11-track debut, through which she seeks to put her personal stamp on contemporary Khmer music. In particular, the track and video for the much-loved 'Chnam Oun 16' has certainly received its share of positive vibes for the modern interpretation she's brought to it. Bochan, who was born in Cambodia but grew up in California, certainly appreciates and values her roots, paying great respect to her father's passion for music, which he instilled into his daughter. Three hours passed before we knew it and we'd only touched on a few topics. I'm sure we'll bump into each other again in the future, as this talented and determined artist looks set to be around the music scene for quite some time to come. website

Bochan's YouTube video for 'Chnam Oun 16'

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