Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dance to the masses

Soeun Srey Neth's show had elements of dance and circus entwined together
Fresh from their two months in Madrid wowing the opera crowds in Europe, three of the Fab 4 quickly got back into the groove by appearing at La Rue Danse at Koh Pich tonight, giving the watching crowds a taste of their individual contemporary styles, led by Belle, who brought back some of her Spanish memories with her choice of dance. Also on show was Nam Narim, who chose a much more subdued style, while Khon Chansithyka teamed up in a duo performance. With eight stages, 37 dancers and 27 routines, swapping stages every few minutes for their four minute performances, there was something for everyone, whether you were seeking classical, contemporary, hip-hop, belly-dance, you name it. There were some of Cambodia's best contemporary stars on show besides the ones above, namely Yon Davy and sister Yon Chantha, dancing separately, Nget Rady and Noun Sovitou. One of the new faces that caught my eye was Soeun Srey Neth, a 1st year circus student at RUFA, who has bags of talent and is not afraid to show it. Certainly one for the future. After an hour and a half, the performances petered out but had given the audience a good cross-section of what the young Cambodian dance fraternity have to offer.
Y0n Chantha and Nam Narim take a breather between performances
Yon Davy in happy mode after completing her series of dances
Yon Chantha on stage, mid-routine
These two young performers gave the crowd a traditional coconut shell dance
Classical Cambodian dance was also on show at Koh Pich tonight

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