Thursday, February 9, 2012

Andrew's Dreams

A scene from Andrew Hem's forthcoming book
Due for publication in the Summer, is a monograph by artist Andrew Hem, entitled Dreams Towards Reality, with 120 pages, over 150 colour plates and a limited edition of just 1,000, at a cost of $45 each. Hem is a Cambodian-born illustrator, painter and sculptor, and is earning rave reviews and plaudits for his expanding body of work and already includes Adidas, Sony Pictures and The Los Angeles Times amongst his clients, with successful exhibitions in London, Italy and across the United States also in the bag. He left Cambodia with his parents as a toddler to make a new life in the US and now lives in Los Angeles. The monograph will contain a look at his recent paintings as well as selections from his early work, graffiti, sketches, murals, sculptures and collages, as well as photographs from his travels. More at his website.

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