Friday, January 27, 2012

Sothy's insight

Detail from Chhim Sothy's dramatic painting, Angkar With Pineapple Eyes
Chhim Sothy's current exhibition, From Darkness to Light, at Meta House focuses on the trauma caused by the Khmer Rouge which he experienced in his childhood years, having been born in 1969. Chhim Sothy specializes in painting traditional Buddhist themes but in recent years, his abstract contemporary style has come more to the fore in his exhibited work, which is plenty. Here are a few examples of his art from his current exhibition, which switches between dark images of the Khmer Rouge nightmare to more hopeful and peaceful scenes.
The more upbeat Song After Civil War
More positive scenes in New Life
A cry for help in Call For Peace and Freedom
A map of Cambodia soaked in blood in The Darkness of Cambodia
Detail depicting a Khmer Rouge soldier in Prison Without Walls

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