Friday, January 6, 2012

On holiday

After-gig photo with me, Jonathan and Tim (right)
Aussie comic Jonathan Atherton takes to the stage
Jonathan Atherton is a well-travelled stand-up comedian. Even on his holidays, he can't stop himself from grabbing the mike and doing a stint. That's what happened last night at Equinox during a family visit to Cambodia. Okay, it was only a shortish 20 minute set but with his rapid-fire delivery he managed more jokes than most comedians would reel off in twice that time. Atherton was the successful host for the first Comedy Club Asia gig last month at Pontoon but admitted he can't make the next one, booked for 16 January. So tonight's appearance was effectively an apology for not being available on the 16th and just so that we didn't forget him and his accomplished comedy skill with languages. Nice job Jon.
Talking of holidays... Italian football hero Fabio Cannavaro arrived in Saigon yesterday and judging by the press photos, he was mobbed by happy Vietnamese football fans on arrival, dressed in Italian football shirts and carrying placards with his handsome face plastered over them. I just don't see the same happening when he exits arrivals at Phnom Penh airport on Sunday at 4.30pm.
Fabio Cannavaro is mobbed by a large crowd on arrival in Vietnam

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