Monday, January 2, 2012

New works

This coming Saturday evening (7 January) at 6pm, there's an opportunity to see a newly commissioned contemporary dance piece, in a new location. It will be performed at the Pre-School Teacher Training Center on Norodom Boulevard and will showcase the work of choreographer Eko Supriyanto from Indonesia, who's been working with six Cambodian dancers for the past three weeks. The show is called Para-Human and has been commissioned by the Singapore National Museum for a performance in July. Tickets, as always, available in small numbers from the Amrita office. And of course, next week the Fab 4 (Belle, Sathya, Narim and Chansithyka) will begin their ten performances in Peter Sellars contemporary opera Persephone in Madrid, Spain. I've seen the posters promoting the piece with Belle and Sathya's faces plastered over the advertising boards. A fantastic two-month experience for the four of them.

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