Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In the line of fire

It's all going smoothly for the MC, and the end is in sight
Today was the Phnom Penh Crown pre-season press conference, organized and MC'd by yours truly. If anyone is interested in hearing what took place, click here. I'm sure most of you couldn't give a toss, but it's important for the club to maintain their presence as the most professional outfit in Cambodia and it works. I switched on the tv tonight and the event was covered as the first sports item on the Bayon TV news, before the Barclays Premier League, which in my book is a result. If we can continue to get top billing for football and sport in Cambodia, then we're on the right track. Eight television stations covered the press conference today, jostling with numerous printed and online media attendees. We had to pay most of them to attend, but that's how it's done here in Cambodia, until we can get the reporters out of their entrenched 'envelope journalism' mindset. We will but it won't happen overnight. Amongst the photographers at the event, Huy Darith was kind enough to send me through some of his snaps, which he took during the hour-long conference. Enjoy, or not, as the case may be.
"I think this chap at the front is next."
Water swilling is always a good idea when filling in the time
Passing the mike to Crown coach David Booth
A look at the top table from the journo's perspective
"It's okay David, I don't think anyone can lip-read."
Vann Piseth and myself are both on the mike. No, it's not a DJ challenge.
Don't swallow the pen top by accident. It'll be very embarrassing.
David and myself practicing the 1,000 yard stare
A look at the assembled throng from the top table perspective

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