Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fabio on parade

Fabio Cannavaro (on right) with host Rithy Samnang (white shirt)
Here are a few more photos from the arrival of Fabio Cannavaro in Phnom Penh. The welcome at the airport went well, the fans saw their hero, some even got his signature, the press got their pictures and everyone went home happy enough.
Fabio is under the camera glare
Fabio signing autographs for fans at the airport
I'm pictured with some of the Crown Academy boys waiting for our guest of honour at the airport
Inspecting some of the posters and placards ready to welcome Fabio
You can just make Fabio out amongst the scrum of cameramen
Inside the Fabio cavalcade rushing through the streets of the city
My brother Tim (in red jersey) gets in on the action. Picture courtesy of



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