Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Exceptional performer

They don't come much better than Phil Nichol
Phil Nichol is a genius on stage. He vied with host Jimmy McGhie for top spot at last night's Pontoon comedy club but took the honours with a brilliant musical session to end his performance. I've seen enough stand-up comedians over the years to know that Phnom Penh will be hard pressed to witness such an accomplished comedian in the future. The Comedy Club Asia may've climaxed too soon, so to speak. McGhie, the cheeky chappie from London, but well-spoken, was an excellent compere. He started well and got even better. Definitely a young stand-up artist with a big future. The Wikipedia heckle was priceless. Aggressive Australian Brendon Burns was next up and misjudged the mood by simply being too confrontational. He certainly lagged well behind the other two on the night. He reminded me a little of Ian Cognito, one of the best of the aggressive comedians, but wasn't as funny. As for Nichol, he confirmed the pre-gig hype as a unique performer. Very funny stand-ups who can work the crowd as well as he did, and then include a series of guitar-accompanied songs are definitely a cut above the rest. And Nichol is certainly that. The guy in the front row, Lee, came in for much of his mock-gay innuendo and took it on the chin. Nichol began as a member of the trio Corky and the Juice Pigs and his star has never waned. On this manic performance, he will continue to wow crowds for a long time to come. Truly exceptional.
The measured tones of compere Jimmy McGhie - from Wikipedia
Phil Nichol gave an exceptional performance at Pontoon
Phil Nichol towers over his close personal friend Lee on the front row
Brendon Burns lagged well behind his comedy colleagues on the night

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Anonymous Abigail said...

Not sure how the Comedy Club will top him - a truly great performance and I'm singing about Eskimos all day today. Respect to Brendon Burns for the end of show apology - never let it be said that PP is an easy crowd who are just grateful someone turned up!

January 17, 2012 at 1:09 PM  

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