Saturday, December 31, 2011

Up close and personal

Backstage photo with Meas Soksophea before she rushed off to another performance
I headed for Koh Pich tonight to get a flavour of the New Year's Eve celebrations, where two stages had been set up with another, much larger one in close proximity to NagaWorld. The main aim was to catch a performance from my favourite female Khmer singer, Meas Soksophea and I wasn't disappointed. She appeared on time, sang six songs, backed by some less than effective dancers before dashing off to another stage to perform. She had time for a quick hello and chat as she came off stage before she was hurried on her way by her make-up artist. It was lovely to finally say hello in person and she was as nice and accommodating as I thought she would be, under the pressure of appearing on three stages in one evening. I can certainly understand why she's the most popular female singer in the country as she has a great voice and a personality to match. Koh Pich and the road in front of Naga was awash with humanity and the surrounding streets were chock-a-block, as I popped into NagaWorld with Rumnea, who'd never been through the doors before, just to satisfy her curiosity before we headed back to see out the old year.
Meas Soksophea belts out one of her signature tunes
Giving the Koh Pich crowd what they came to see
There was a strong wind blowing across the stage, creating havoc with hairstyles Meas Soksophea is a more restrained mode
The most popular female singer in Cambodia, Meas Soksophea



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