Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spanish dance invasion

On location in Madrid. Ladies LtoR: Sam Sathya, Nam Narim, Belle...with Khon Chansithyka up top
The Fab 4 in Madrid. From 14-29 January for 10 performances, all at the Teatro Real Theatre in Madrid, the capital of Spain, 4 of Cambodia's very best dancers - Belle, Sam Sathya, Nam Narim and Khon Chansithyka - will be showing Europe what they are capable of as part of a unique collaboration with avant-garde director Peter Sellars, who will present Igor Stravinsky's melodrama Persephone for the first time. This is a fabulous opportunity for Cambodia's finest, who've been there for a month already, practicing and enjoying the Spanish lifestyle. Leading the way on stage in the contemporary opera will be acclaimed French actress Dominique Blanc and American tenor Paul Groves. In their absence, 7 January will see a contemporary dance show, at a location in Phnom Penh still to be announced, of a work in progress with an Indonesian director, whilst March will bring a performance after a workshop with an American choreographer.

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