Friday, December 16, 2011


Kosal working the crowd at Equinox tonight
A big crowd gathered at Equinox tonight for the return of Dub Addiction, after a break of about five months since the band last played live. The name says it all as to what the band are about, with Kosal leading from the front with the vocals, taking a break from his day job as a producer and director for Khmer Mekong Films and a freelance music producer. It's good to see his constant progression since I first met him a few years ago. He's a multi-talented individual and played a gangster in the opera, Where Elephants Weep. If you like your dub, and a puff on some wacky-backy, then you'll enjoy Dub Addiction.
I'm off to the Cambodian Film Festival tomorrow night for the premiere of Golden Slumbers at the Legend Cinema. It's a look back at the Golden Age of Khmer film in the 60s and 70s and I'm really looking forward to it. The film starts at 7pm and is free. I hope Dy Saveth, who appears in the documentary, is there as she's the torchbearer for the good old days and is still in remarkable nick. She promised to teach me how to dance the ramvong when we met previously but I never kept her to her word. Such a shame. There's lots of other films being shown over the four-days of the festival which closes on Sunday with a screening of Dancing Across Borders at the French Institute at 3pm.

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