Sunday, December 25, 2011


I had a pretty quiet Christmas Day aside from watching the Crown Academy boys playing first thing this morning - they won again, pretty much as they do in every game they play. They really play the game the way I want to see, pass, pass, pass, but they occasionally overdo it and should take the effort on goal when it presents itself, rather than unselfishly pass, again, to another teammate. The futsal pitches being constructed at Crown's Tuol Kork ground should be finished in about a month and will give the youngsters, and the club, an invaluable training facility that will be the envy of every other football team in the country. Rumnea and I then joined the Jar Lady, Nancy, at the Aussie XL pub on Street 51 for a Chrimbo lunch with all the trimmings. I even had a couple of glasses of bubbly but my headache this evening reminded me why I don't drink champagne. That was about it, the rest of the day was spent relaxing. It's back to work tomorrow, no such thing as a public holiday for Christmas in Cambodia, though they have a holiday for pretty much everything else. But if you think Christmas hasn't arrived here, think again. The teenagers and youths have taken the gift-giving and gift-receiving side of Christmas to their bosom in no uncertain terms. The commercial side of the festivity is here to stay.



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