Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wish You Were Here

On location in Kampot with the stars of Wish You Were Here
A mystery drama feature film that Hanuman Films worked on at the beginning of this year, Wish You Were Here (aka Say Nothing) has been selected to screen at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and will have its world premiere as the opener of the World Cinema Dramatic competition on 19 January in Utah, USA. At the time, Kulikar Sotho, who runs the film company, said the feature film was, “the biggest Southern Hemisphere shoot we have done, a complex 10-day shoot in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville with a somewhat sensitive script. The shoot included several crucial night scenes, but everything went very smoothly. Everyone involved in the production loved Cambodia, especially Director Kieran Darcy-Smith.” The Director himself agrees, and has said he was thrilled beyond words. "To have been given the opportunity to make the film in the first place was an immeasurable gift - and it has been, quite truthfully, a wild and wonderful ride from start to finish." Wish You Were Here is a psychological drama that follows four friends on South East Asian holiday. When only three of them return, a desperate hunt for answers begins. The film stars Joel Edgerton, Antony Starr, Felicity Price and Teresa Palmer and was shot in both Sydney and Cambodia. The film was shot on location in Cambodia and didn't get off to the best start when Darcy-Smith fell into a sewer on the first day. “I was walking across what I thought was a rubbish dump on a location scout and I went straight through and it turned out to be about three feet of rubbish, but after that three feet layer there was nothing but liquid, pure raw sewage. And I fell straight though and it was just that I happened to grab onto this stick that was fortunately there that saved me from going head under.” However, despite starting off on the wrong foot, as well as issues with illness and relocating his young family to a new country, the director speaks fondly of the experience. “The Cambodian stuff is pretty amazing and the cast we dug up and the Cambodian people, everyone we worked with was great – it was such a great experience.” You can find out more about the film at their website.

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