Monday, November 14, 2011

They're coming back

DF's Chhom Nimol in top form
I will do my best to get to the Dengue Fever benefit concert at Koh Pich, aka Diamond Island, on Friday of this week, as the band will return from playing three concerts in the provinces to raise money for the Cambodian Living Arts organization with their 2nd show in the capital. Tickets are $10 a pop. Guests will be joining them on stage and I fully expect the blind chapei artist Kong Nay to be one of them, as well as the Children of Bassac. Just a wild guess. With my groin injury, I'll be standing in the corner, no dancing for me. They follow that up with another freebie gig in Tonle Bati, just outside the city, on 20 Nov and then head off to Laos and Vietnam for a gig in each country. Here are some more pictures from their gig at FCC on Saturday.
On the following night, Saturday, our very own Cambodian Space Project will be playing their final Phnom Penh gig for a while, at Mao's on the riverfront, before jetting off for more around-the-world adventures, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. They've done a fair few shows recently and this evening were the guests on PUC Talk Show Radio with Soma Norodom. It sounded like they had a lot of fun in the studio.
Chhom Nimol is actually asking the audience to join in the chorus, though she looks a little scary
Standing at the front, this was my view of bassist Senon Williams for much of the gig
Sax man David Ralicke accompanies Chhom Nimol
A Go Go chorus by Senon Williams and Zac Holtzman
Chhom Nimol thanks the audience for their response
Zany Zac Holtzman, guitarist supreme and wearer of ZZ Top-style beard
Rumnea and Nancy get up on stage to strut their stuff at the behest of Chhom Nimol

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