Saturday, November 12, 2011


Srey Thy looking gorgeous with her new bob and dress from KeoK'jay
A double-header last night with the Riverhouse 11th birthday party and the Cambodian Space Project strutting their stuff at La Croisette, amongst the tens of thousands of people out celebrating the non-boat racing water festival. The streets were literally awash with humanity. I stopped by the Riverhouse event to see Soma and then headed for the CSP session, just after Dengue Fever's Chhom Nimol walked in the door. Her band arrived yesterday and will play their first in a series of concerts at the FCC tonight. At La Croisette, other members of the DF band were in the house to enjoy a loud and nailed-on set by Srey Thy, Julien and the Space Project crew, with two new members to boot. Srey Thy's mic was louder than usual, so her vocals came over much clearer, which was a big bonus. She really has blossomed into a first-rate performer whilst Julien's guitar work is phenomenal and the only downside of the gig was the lack of room to dance. CSP are a band that moves feet. They deserve to see a moving audience. Nevertheless, a cracking gig. CSP will be Soma's guests on her PUC Talk Show Radio programme this Monday (14 Nov) from 7.30pm. Check it out on 90.0FM. And another opportunity to catch the Space Project sound will be at Mao's on the riverfront on Saturday 19 November from 9pm.
Srey Thy and Julien rocking La Croisette last night
Srey Thy gets into a more romantic mood
At the Riverhouse event, Soma Norodom (left) meets Dengue Fever's Chhom Nimol (middle) with friend

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