Saturday, November 19, 2011

Catching a fever

Dengue Fever on stage at Koh Pich, doing what they do best
In a far-less intimate style of gig from last week's FCC session, the second appearance by Dengue Fever at Koh Pich last night didn't quite hit the spot as the previous one, but it was a close call. The experience wasn't as personal, I was hobbling around on my painful leg unable to dance, the sound and lighting folks got a bit shirty with the party revellers and Chhom Nimol's voice sounded a mite tired. Not surprising after a hectic week-long dash around the country. Nevertheless, it was a party atmosphere on behalf of Cambodian Living Arts, with Kong Nay on stage with his chapei and the younger CLA students dancing, singing and playing instruments at various intervals. A heavy rock band, Animation, also raised the tempo, and noise level, with a few songs. The venue allowed considerably more people to enjoy the music than at FCC, with a bit more room to maneuver, and the band threw themselves into it as enthusiastically and professionally as they always do. Rumnea got to dance on the stage again, as she did last week, as Chhom Nimol and the band encouraged more audience participation, guaranteed to go down well with the boisterous fans. With one more freebie gig in the countryside (at Tonle Bati) tomorrow before they leave, Dengue Fever have again won over a legion of fans with their lively and energetic stage show and their down-to-earth accessibility, confirming their place at the top of the music tree when it comes to Cambodia.
Rumnea gets to look up to Senon Williams, DF's bassist before the gig starts
Rumnea (center) dancing on stage with Chhom Nimol as pandemonium breaks out
Enjoying the moment, CSP's Srey Thy, Rumnea and Nancy
CLA's Children of Bassac dance troup perform for the audience
The legendary Kong Nay, a chapei master and cornerstone of CLA
Girls night out at the DF gig, including me
Soma's photo of Rumnea and me at the DF gig

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