Saturday, October 8, 2011

Young Tones

Meta House in Phnom Penh is the venue tomorrow (Sunday 9 Oct) for a series of performances of live dance, music and readings of short poetry and short stories in both Khmer and English, by a collection of students from Cambodian Living Arts, RUFA and the Bright Hope Institute. Titled, Young Tones of Bravery, it's a great platform for these youngsters to showcase their talent and their work to the public. A doff of my hat to Meta House. It all starts at 6pm.
Tonight was the re-run of my appearance on the PUC Radio talk Show but as is normal for a man of my age, I forgot to listen to it. I was still at the Olympic Stadium watching some very wet football when the program was replayed at 7pm. By the way today's football had a bit of everything. Cambodia won their game 2-0 against a nappy-wearing Laos team, but it rained so much that the match was ruined as a football spectacle, but made a nice water-slide event for the thousands of damp schoolchildren who were invited along. The second match gave us copious red cards, yellow cards, a pitch invasion, more rain, and a police escort for the referee, but then it was a match between Vietnam and China and they've been fighting for centuries.

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