Sunday, October 30, 2011

Swimming with Wijers

Another new book landed in my lap today. Gina Wijers experience of Cambodia began whilst on a two-year placement with a volunteer organization. It prompted her to put pen to paper to document her highs and lows, in what she calls her reports from Cambodia. These were initially published in Holland in 2009 but have now been printed in English, through AnyPress, and released this month. The book, Swimming in Uncharted Waters, is a 180-page personal account from Gina, who questions whether foreigners can ever really make the difference they want to make in this country. SiUW is available at Monument Books in Phnom Penh and Gina is working on her PhD research enquiring into Camnodian returnees as institutional entrepreneurs. There will be a book launch at Monument with Gina on Thursday 24 November from 6pm onwards.

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