Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Statesman par excellence

Son Soubert signs a copy of the book for a young Khmer reader
Author and activist Theary Seng gave an impassioned speech at the book launch at Monument Books tonight of The Memoirs of Son Sann, published by the Cambodia Daily Press and on sale at the bookshop for just $8, in Khmer, English and French. Talking specifically about the qualities that made Son Sann a statesman par excellence, her speech resonated with the large audience, many of whom were friends of the former Cambodian prime minister who passed away 11 years ago, but was clearly loved as a man who was noble and incorruptible, and a role model for all Cambodians. The book has been edited by his son, HE Son Soubert, himself a member of Cambodia's Constitutional Council and a former deputy speaker of the National Assembly. Son Sann was at the center of Khmer history, holding the title of prime minister on no less than three occasions as well as countless other ministerial and public offices, he was the founder of the National Bank and was instrumental in the successful judgement in the International Court on Preah Vihear. The 170 pages of the book simply cannot do the man justice but it does give an insight into his thinking and his take on key historical events. His son gave a brief introduction and then handed the microphone to a former minister HE Keat Sukun, who gave his personal view on the statesman who was dedicated to his country and its people.
Standing left to right; Son Soubert, Keat Sukun and Theary Seng
Son Soubert signs a book under the gaze of Ambassador, Roland Eng

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