Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Riverside views

This Cham family cast their net in search of fish at the riverfront
A quick visit to the riverside at lunchtime today showed me how close the Tonle Sap river is to the top of the riverbank though Phnom Penh city itself has still managed to avoid the flooding being experienced elsewhere. Maybe the sand dredging is helping to expand the volume of water the rivers in front of the city can cope with. A Cham family were fishing so close to the riverbank in their boat that they were in competition with fishermen on the riverside who were trying to catch fish in wicker baskets. It seems the fish are in plentiful supply though that was the only boat on the river at lunchtime. You can see the sand dredging operation in the background of the top photo.
Inspecting their catch before depositing this fish into the hold of their boat
A look at the riverside stretching southwards
Sisowath Quay looking northwards with the water just a few steps from the top of the riverbank
The Royal Palace compound just before the afternoon rains arrive



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