Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Judges get slated

The investigating judges in the Khmer Rouge Tribunal here in Cambodia have got a slating from Human Rights Watch in the last day or so, with the organization calling for their removal from the trial for their failure to do their job properly. The problems stem from their apparent reluctance to investigate cases 003 and 004, which have already been pooh-poohed by the government here, and look set to be dismissed sometime soon. The judges closed their investigation into case 003 in April, without even examining the two key suspects (who they refused to name) or the crime scenes. The four senior Khmer Rouge leaders who will be tried in case 002, will in actual fact, face a number of separate trials for separate crimes following a decision made by the court last month. This is in an effort to speed up the issuing of verdicts for these elderly regime leaders, though there are now arguments swirling around about which crimes should get first dibs. The big concern is that the quest for justice may be beaten by father time as the ailing suspects
The disastrous floods that have been affecting vast swathes of Cambodia in the past month, and accounting for the loss of life of over 150 people, seem to be subsiding in certain areas. Though Kompong Thom, Kompong Cham and Prey Veng provinces have been seriously hit, the old market area of Siem Reap was under water for many days until yesterday, whilst water levels in Phnom Penh have remained dangerously close to spilling over the popular riverfront area, though tropical storms in Vietnam look likely to bring more rain in the next week or two.



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