Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dirty brown water

There's no distinction between the river (on the left) and the road
I haven't managed to get there yet, but the flooding is still affecting Siem Reap and with the tiny Siem Reap river bursting its banks, the road either side of the river as well as the old market area and pub street are still under a couple of inches of dirty brown water. Access to all of the temples is still possible but there's a lot of water lying about so be prepared for that if you are heading that way. Here's a couple of photos taken this weekend. Meanwhile in dry Phnom Penh, the final of the BIDC Cup took place in front of a big crowd at Olympic Stadium and for the first time in the competition, there was no rain. Myanmar produced a giantkilling act in the final, beating Thailand 2-1 after extra time, so a great day for the underdogs. They had a vociferous bunch of supporters who celebrated with them and when I asked a few of the girls, decked out in red, whether they came especially for the match, they told me they worked in Phnom Penh at one of the garment factories.
The usually busy old market area, devoid of life



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