Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Breakdancing and bridges

I paid a visit to the Tiny Toones headquarters today just to find out more about them, as a few overseas school groups had shown an interest in their work. They've been going a while now and have built up a good reputation locally, and rightfully so from what I could see. They are certainly more than just a breakdancing and hip-hop crew as the free classrooms of English, Khmer, computer and creative arts taking place during my visit testified. They use the arts and modern styles of music as a supplement to children's public schooling, where they are lucky enough to receive it, as well as integrating health prevention messages in a child-friendly and fun way. Peer mentors and outreach programs are how its done and giving hundreds of children a safe and supportive environment and a place to express themselves sounds like a winner to me. Behind the public face of Tiny Toones and their breakdancing crew, lies a lot of opportunities for underprivileged kids in and around Phnom Penh.
Kompong Thom has been one of the hardest hit provinces with the recent flooding in Cambodia and as an example, here are a couple of photos of the ancient Angkorian bridge of Spean Praptos at Kompong Kdei, which gives an example of how high the water levels have been in the province. One of the photos is of the bridge as it was yesterday (top) and the other was taken a few months ago during the dry season.
The ancient Spean Praptos bridge with water, pictured yesterday
The Spean Praptos bridge pictured in the dry season - quite a difference as you can see

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