Saturday, October 29, 2011

Birthday bash

Soma, the birthday girl in the center with Rumnea on the right
Soma Norodom enjoyed a birthday bash that knocked spots off any birthday party I've attended before. The celebration, at Diamond Island last night, was attended by the good and the great, and I sneaked an invite too. Pou Khlaing was the evening's MC in his own inimitable style and a succession of singers included the golden voice of tenor Sethisak Khuon, 60's sensation Siengdy and the youthful Rock Boys. The tasty food was courtesy of Luu Meng's culinary crew and I think a good time was had by all. My suit got only it's second airing in four years and my date, Rumnea, looked fabulous in her own creation.
Rumnea and I were one of the first guests to arrive for the party
Pou Khlaing (right), one of the most popular performers in Cambodia, was the party MC

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